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Graphical Overview of Same Sex Marriage Debate, v. 1.3
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Arguments transcribed from various Facebook polls; a work in progress: (click for larger view)

Thanks Sumana! It occurs to me I ought to publicize your magazine here:

Thoughtcrime Experiments features artwork by myself and others, as well as short speculative fiction you won't find anywhere else. (Plus, it's free!)

I like this. Needs to be printed out and hung up in a few public places.

Any word on the possible relaunch of E-Sheep? I ask merely for purposes of information.


All I can say is that I'm working on new E-Sheep materials to the best of my abilities in my free time away from my film project. (Also, every time I propose a new launch date, I miss it, so I've stopped doing that for the time being.)


I think some of these arrows are pointing the wrong way... You're supposed to follow a discussion by following the arrows, right ?

A few typos too - "Gamorrah", and I think some of the lower-case c's have been replaced by o's.

Great stuff. :D (There must be an interesting story behind the "No Bathing In Birds' Blood" prohibition.)

It's God's recommended treatment for lepers, according to Leviticus.

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Pretty much exactly the same as I was a year ago! Except now I have a new mountain bike, and my housemates have a new kid :-)

I like how the two arguments that have no replies are, "Let gay couples be as miserable as straight couples!" and "I'm not religious but I still need a category of humans I can look down upon!"

Personally, I have no answer to either of those, either.

I am SO linking to this in tomorrow's blog post.

"Sunight is the best disinfectant"
-- Louis Brandeis (I think)

Wait, did YOU make this?? Shit dude, put your name on that! I'm sure it's gunna get passed around (since it's hilarious) and I want you to get cred!


This is both hilarious and cringeworth and really well done.

Patrick! That is awesome!

Thing. Of. Beauty.


I hope Patrick does a special Delta Thrives edition someday, which takes into account issues surrounding sapient robots, uplifted animals, and cyberspacial avatars.

It would probably require four spacial dimensions, but that's what those Java 7.8 hypercube visualization widgets are for.

--Stefan Jones

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The problem with marriage for "all" is that people are still left out. Non-romantic life partners? Too bad, we'll let your shitty relatives choose what to do with you in the hospital. Don't believe in marriage? Then you don't get any of the benefits! Polyamorous? Better pick just one of your partners, and forget about the rest! Too poor to pay the license fee? Too bad! Single? FUCK YOU.

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Hey patrick.. I caught the link from alas a blog. How ironic to land on your website. Hilarious by the way. Matt Scully and I just got in touch on facebook said I hadn't talked to you in years. anyway take it easy my friend, corrinne

Hey Corrinne! Look me up on Facebook.

I went to submit this to digg, but found it already dugg. Here's a +1.


Although some of the arrows are still pointing the wrong direction.

(Those studies were conducted... etc.)

Not useful as an actual argument guide, because one side has a response that fits any possible objection. (see: You're going to hell, I will pray for you, etc.)

Found you via BoingBoing. I live in New Delhi and will be attending Delhi's second Gay Pride Parade this Sunday, so this is especially delicious to right click save as for my smaller-minded friends. I'm straight, but as I keep arguing, you don't have to be black to believe racism is wrong / be a woman to think sexism is wrong / be Dalit (untouchable caste) to believe the Indian caste system is wrong, etc.

Thank you for this :)

Thanks for your feedback. I'm curious to know what prohibitions (if any) there are in the Hindu belief system against same-sex couples? I've never found any in my readings of the Mahabharata, although I've only read English-language versions and certain passages might have been altered in translation.

I thought this was a meme ... or is it just me and my friend?

Has the argument "things are legal until they are put into law and made illegal" been made yet on the "favor" side? In other words, gay marriage was legal in most places until it was made illegal just recently.

Re: I thought this was a meme ... or is it just me and my friend?

I didn't see it on the Facebook polls, although my lawyer friend tells me that what you say is basically true -- there was *no* mention of marriage in any state constitution until the Defense of Marriage people started putting it there.

love this image

Very true! I have heard most of these arguments while fighting for marriage equality.

What program was the diagram made in?

Re: love this image

Photoshop. I'd have done it in OmniGraffle but my trial copy expired!

That's great, except that the Federal government forced the Southern Baptists to let interracial couples marry, so there's a precedent for the Feds to force Mormons, Catholics, etc to marry homosexual couples.

The government should only preside of Civil Unions, and leave marriages to the churches.

Um, no. Again, we already allow atheists to marry. It's called a marriage. You get a marriage license from the state. No church needed.


please, make a board game out of this!

Severely awesome. Wow.

Is the blue box for "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together" blue on purpose, as in the speaker was being ironic? Or is it s'posed to be pink?

That's the ironic response . . .

I think that hex is supposed to be blue.

When opponents start talking about the slippery slope, it's hard not to mock them by deploying that over-the-top line from Ghostbusters.

-- Stefan

Fantastic - software used?

Your diagram was re-posted on a Sex Positive private members group in Seattle - fantastic work diagramming a discussion.
Did you use a particular software application to format this?
Thanks again!

got here from Scott Mcclouds blog. amazing stuff man


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