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E-Sheep Update: Apocamon 4 (incomplete)
Boosh Rabbit
(or, what exists of it so far, before I got distracted in 2007)

I would love to finish the Apocamon series before the end of 2010. The coming new decade needs to see Millenarianism -- and the infinite cruelty it represents -- laughed into oblivion.

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Erm... Actually not new... I did this in 2007 and then abandoned it when I got hired onto the film project.

We should hang out and catch up sometime! But of course let's discuss that in a non-public place :-)

Well, new to ME.

Yes. We should. It's silly we don't/haven't.

Let's vow do do that by the end of the month, perhaps?

Yay! So weird to see Bill as president again, though.

I've heard it on good authority that Bill Clinton will be installed as our Supreme Leader by the Chinese (or the U.N.) after his stooge Obama wrecks the economy and declares martial law.

Thank goodness for good authorities.

Has anyone asked Hillary what Bill thinks about this?

Excellent. I signed up as a member for some webcomic-commerce site a few years ago in the hope of getting more Apocamon..

Oh. And this is the stuff that was available on that site. Darn.

I just chipped in $10 through the PayPal link, in the hope that some new Apocamon will show up some millenium.. ;-)

Apocamon! YES!

I am so glad to see more of this one. :)


I remember this, but I don't recall it being this elaborate! I don't recall the whole discussion between the angel and Abbadon.

Patrick, I'm pledging here and now to send you another $100 after the next new Apocamon segment goes up. It would be an honor to be a patron of the sinister conspiracy to mock end times prophecy!


Did you ever say anything about that mysterious movie project, anyway? Got me tremendously curious.

(If hollywood is listening? I would pay movie theatre prices to see A Jain's Death in theatres. I would buy the special edition DVD. Fuck, I'd buy the merchandise. Whatever. You stamp it with that and I'll buy whatever crap you want to fork at me, just so long as that movie is made. And doesn't suck. </i>

Chapter 12 on schedule!

Final Judgement should be ready just about the time the world ends. Well, unless the Maya are correct, in which case we should be satisfied with what we have.

My Thanksgiving was made complete, by the way, when I saw my elderly conservative mother sipping coffee out of my Apocamon coffee mug, oblivious to the captions on the cute cartoons...

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