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Ebay Auctions!

I'm selling off my old D&D figurines. If interested, please lookup user "hermes3000" on Ebay...

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Do I get bonus points for knowing where you got the username from? :D

I don't know if I can award points, but if you win the auction I'll include a complimentary kobold with your order :-)

Why, back in my day . . .

. . . we had to whittle our miniatures out of little blocks of wood that came in the old D&D box.

And our dice too! You know how hard it is to carve all 20 sides of dohexamagygaxcon to be all the same size?

Uphill. Both ways!

But seriously:

If eBay doesn't do it for you, there's a place on Sandy called Bridgeport Hobbies that does consignment sales.They sold off my miniatures and many old wargames a few years back. It's the kind of deal where you call in every few months to see how much you've earned . . . not quick bucks.

Stefan Jones



your ice monster set is so awesome!

You better not be sellin' that griffin (GRIFFON?) I gave you!

It's a different Griffin, I swear!

Looking at the listings got me feeling nostalgic

I sold a bunch of books at Powell's and bought the 4E Player's Handbook set. Things have REALLY changed. The map and miniature centric nature of it is an interesting throwback to the old Chainmail era rules.

I am so out of it; I didn't know what a Peryton was until I read Lore Sjoberg's Monster Manual comic about it:

Stefan jones

(Deleted comment)

Re: gagggx

That's not how you spell "Gygax."

I like the new opening page . . .

. . . but does this mean I have to get an Atari 800?

Stefan Jones

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