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Electric Sheep Reloaded: A Kickstarter Fundraiser
Boosh Rabbit
I'm taking the Kickstarter plunge. If you'd like to donate to resurrect Electric Sheep Comix as a weekly updating serial comics portal, please visit my Kickstarter fundraiser site, ELECTRIC SHEEP RELOADED.

(If you don't have an Amazon account, or otherwise don't want to go through Kickstarter, I'm also taking PayPal contributions to

If you just want to watch the promotional video, here are 11 years' worth of comics compiled into sixty seconds:

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Excellent. I've contributed and plugged it.

Any hope you'll be doing t-shirts of the Whore of Apocamon riding the Beast? I know a lot of people who would pay good money for those.

Thank you Jonathan! I appreciate the contribution, the plug, AND the marketing data :-)


Pledged, Plugged.

A lot of E-Sheep images would look good on T-shirts.

Maybe you could put up a dozen potential pics here and have people rate them so you can find the top ten?

Ever think of publishing a printed version of Saturnalia as a one-shot Chick Tract spoof? That's the kind of thing I buy at Stumptown.

Stefan Jones

THIS friend is electric!

Not to mention DYN-O-MITE!


You should be blogging the Easter Special announcement. Strut your stuff in all the venues.

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