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Because I'm Subtle as a Pimp
Boosh Rabbit

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You're alive! Good to know. Money's a lil tight, but I'm happily posting this on Facebook to gave some donations your way :)

LOL your title. Have pledged. Have linked. Have forwarded.

Hope you make it!

I've been plugging this all over.

$6,000 is a tall goalpost. Fingers crossed.

Hey, any chance of your bringing a stack of neon colored flyers plugging the effort to Stumptown Comicsfest? Just a couple of pieces of art and web address.

Stefan jones

Glad I donated before I lost my job!

Hmm... You know, they haven't actually billed your card yet. The billing doesn't happen unless/until the fundraiser successfully concludes. If you're unemployed and your budget's tight, please don't hesitate to cancel your pledge. Your need to buy groceries certainly outweighs my need to draw monsters.

Nah, keep it. I'm happy to support the arts, and I exaggerated slightly, haven't actually lost my job yet.

And besides, I need you to draw monsters. Or make classic rock music puns. Either way.

You're plugged on David Brin's Salon blog:

David Brin is a mensch, that's for sure. He bought me groceries back in 2002 *and* sent me an autographed copy of EARTH.

Man, kickstarter is kicking!

First I get my sweaty paws on a DVD of Moroder's cut of Metropolis, and now it looks like Electric Sheep might really really be coming back.

DAMN, good year after all!

Stefan Jones

I've facebook'ed your drive, contributed money, and talked it up with my friends.

Note that I remain desperate, after all these years, for more Apocamon. I'll be watching to see how the drive goes, might contribute more later.

I'm not saying that I am compelled to do everything in my power to get more Apocamon.

Okay, I am saying that.

Aaaaahhh! Apocamon!

Man. I'm seconding this comment about Apocamon. Although I'd be pretty damn happy to see more of Spiders, too.

Hell, I'm happy regardless.

Something I can buy

I hope one of the projects you work on results in something that can be printed; I'll buy a dozen copies of it for Christmas presents.


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