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Goodbye Tiger.
Boosh Rabbit

Happy Year of the Rabbit! (Especially if you were mauled by the Year of the Tiger.)

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I am a silly. I intially took that for a chocolate rabbit. You riding off on a chocolate rabbit, it's.. it's like, "what's better than a unicorn?"

I've decided he is a chocolate bunny. And a regenerating one at that. You can shave chocolate off his back, or nibble off one of his ears, and by morning he'll be whole again.

Mmmmm, chocolate

That is really pretty.

I've memorized the first four of the Chinese horoscope signs with the help of an old wargame, the story about the rat running over the ox's shoulder and an old Frosted Flakes commercial.

Now your picture will help me remember that Rabbit follows Tony the Tiger.


hydrogen generator system

I never thought of that this way .. good writing.

keep posting like this it’s really very good idea, you are awesome!

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