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A Tale of Two Seahawks....
Boosh Rabbit
The Seattle Seahawks used to be my favorite NFL team. Not only were they the worst team in the league, but they also had the coolest helmet in the NFL -- a stylized Kwakiutl eagle emblazoned across a field of glistening silver -- at once ancient and futuristic.

But the times, they are a-changin'.

One could easily cheer for that sad bird on the left; staring balefully out at you as he charges into a battle he knows he will almost certainly lose, but which he must fight nonetheless. The bird on the right, however, is a hateful creature; an overprivileged bully who looks genuinely outraged that any weaklings would contest his Rule By Force.

The bird on the left looks like he's well acquainted with life's hardships; he sees the approaching conflict as a tragedy that could have been avoided through better communication. He is the reluctant warrior, living by the ethos expressed by Faramir in Lord of the Rings: "I love not the sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness; I love that which they defend." He has a wife, perhaps a child back home, whom he loves dearly and wonders if he'll ever see again.

The bird on the right, meanwhile, is a pampered jock who has never been thwarted once in his life. His privilege is transparent to him; he struts around believing that the world revolves around him because it should. He's the arrogant squad leader who gets all his men killed because he wants a medal for "heroism" so badly. He lives for the approval of his superiors, having no inner life of his own. A childhood of vicious beatings from his "strict but loving" father has left him incapable of any emotions outside an internalized desire to punish "weakness" wherever he finds it, including within himself. One can feel pity for this bird, but at the same time, one can't help but wish to see him humbled, just this once.

Unless, of course, one always roots against the Steelers. *grins, ducks, runs*

And the funny thing is, I've always rooted against the Steelers as well. This time, I just don't know.

So the new logo is much more accurate, is what you're saying.

(The Seahawks might be humbled, but the Steelers hardly count as paragons of virtue. They're named after a monopolistic corporation, after all.)

Well sure... If my sympathies were going to be decided by which team deserves the title more, I would of course have to root for the 'Hawks.

But if I had to choose a team based on nothing else but the semiotics of their respective logos, I'd have to go with the Steelers. No snarling, bestial caricatures on their helmet; their elegant, abstract logo consists of three hypocycloids representing the three materials used to produce steel (yellow for coal, orange for ore and blue for steel scrap.) The subtext of this logo couldn't be clearer: the Steelers' derive their strength not from brute-animal-muscle force, but from the power of human intellect, as expressed through science and industry!

(Holy shit, that sounded eerily like Ayn Rand.)

seahawks eat fresh fish!

I mean, sure, they WILL eat carrion, but they usual catch their own, live prey. I've seen it in action! It's magnificent!

Patrick, you kill me. Once again.

But once again they prove they are a wrecking force in the death metal genre. With 10 tracks clocking in at around 40 minutes, Immolation push the envelope once again with a more intense and angry approach to their music.

When I was a kid, I asked my brother (repeatedly, I think because I never grokked the answer) why he liked war so much. And he'd reply that he didn't, he just thought the stuff was cool.

His answer takes on a more chilling tone in light of the Faramir quote. Although I guess it's easy enough to like the stuff when it's in a museum.

I avoid the paradox of which team to root for by ignoring football. Problem solved!

(Deleted comment)
I shudder to think what a redesigned raiders guy would look like. At least the current stoopid one has a certain 70's style to it.

that's a hilarious one. Did you actually made up the two logos?

Let me guess, you are a artist?

arrrrg! *head explodes*

sometimes I really wish the internet made it easier for people to express sarcasm. Ach.. those web 2.0 folks probably use a sarcasm tag but I suspect that noone besides that particular cult is willing to make an effort to clearly indicate sarcasm

i allways thought my minnesota vikings were allways the worst team ever, and had the best helmet design

Your posts are such rare jewels that I actually read this one even though it mentioned sports, and was richly rewarded for my time, even though sports were involved.

” It remains one of my most prized possessions, even though he was wrong on at least one and possibly both counts.

Brilliant. I found out today that a colleague in the newsroom has for some years been finding and emailing "angry eagle" pictures back and forth with a friend. Any picture with an eagle looking angry, especially in a preposterous context, will do. This would fit in nicely.

Great post. I had the same feeling, more or less, when the powers that be at my alma mater changed our smiling, friendly (yet still clearly muscular and masculine) turtle mascot to the sneering, strutting, steroidal angry turtle that's the figurehead of the new PR campaign that warns us to "fear the turtle."

smile scowl

Holy crap. What a world.

I saw an intern wearing a terps sweater, and I told him I was going to insert a w between the t and e for him so that it made more sense.

(Deleted comment)
may i have permission to mirror your essay?

You can bet that the bird on the right supports the War on Terror, yes sir!

thats pretty hilarious. your right, the old one is cooler looking. however, after having to spend all that fucking money on our new stadium, im glad we have a bird who can finally get some shit done. sorry old bird.

Jason Powell
Seattle, WA

The old logo looks stoned.

Shawn Alexander should know that


Native vs. United

I live in New York. I think hockey is boring. This is genius.

the bird

Interesting observations on Seattle's bird. Of course it looks even worse since they were thumped in Superbowl XL.
It would be nice to see some NFL teams take the baton and come up with more critters and helmet emblems featuring animals not commonly associated with predatory fierceness. Big nod to those college organizations that've already used ducks, turtles and flowers as a means of intimidating rivals. Way ahead of the pros in this sense. Special mention for the Corn Huskers also - the concept of a hayseed in overalls mercilessly shredding ears of corn has to be one of the most diabolically clever concepts to shock and awe Big 12 opponents.

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Seahawks Logos

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