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LIGHTSPEED (Now it can be told!)

It looks like I can now speak publicly about the secret film project I worked on for the past 2.5 years: It’s titled LIGHTSPEED, it’s written by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii, and it’s been purchased by Disney :

If I had to give an elevator pitch, I'd describe it as "The Fast & The Furious meets The Last Starfighter," but since  I'm not an official representative of the film, don't quote me on that. All I can tell you is, it's not a remake. It's a brand spanking new space opera set in a completely original SF universe. 

My involvement was the creation of  concept art for the screenplay, although there's no telling if my designs will be used in the actual film or not. If they are, cool!  I'll get some money and maybe see some toys based on my artwork appearing on store shelves. If not, well... I got to draw spaceships and aliens for two years. That was pretty awesome. I can't complain about that. 
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Electric Sheep Reloaded: A Kickstarter Fundraiser

I'm taking the Kickstarter plunge. If you'd like to donate to resurrect Electric Sheep Comix as a weekly updating serial comics portal, please visit my Kickstarter fundraiser site, ELECTRIC SHEEP RELOADED.

(If you don't have an Amazon account, or otherwise don't want to go through Kickstarter, I'm also taking PayPal contributions to

If you just want to watch the promotional video, here are 11 years' worth of comics compiled into sixty seconds:
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I have no new content, yet I must scream

Premises are cheap; good storytelling difficult. In the spirit of starting the year with a clean slate, I offer up my 2009 List of Story Premises to the creative commons. These are all stories I would love to see produced in some format or other, but will probably never get around to. If YOU can do something with any of them — a book (graphic or otherwise), a movie, a game, a song— by all means take the idea and run with it. And if it makes you rich, please consider buying me a meal at your favorite restaurant.

Patrick Farley's List of Story Premises 2009

Free for Creative Commons use

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Don't Call it a Comeback.

Now is as bad a time as any. I've finally begun uploading Electric Sheep Comix to its new home at

Let nobody mistake this for a "relaunch." This is a reboot, and will be a slow, ugly, grinding one at that. Everything is not up yet. Files need to be recovered and repaired. The legacy HTML all reeks of 1998 standards. I don't know when I'm going to get everything fixed and uploaded, let alone when I will complete your favorite story. But there's the new home, and to underscore how shitty, broken down, incomplete and primitive it all is, I've skinned the site in a prehistoric 2-bit CRT green. (Behold, children -- this is how those of us who grew up in the 1980s computed.)